Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Grecian Urn...

I found this beauty and I loved the color:

Since this dress had nothing to work around, I wanted to completely change it and make it an off the shoulder dress with ruffles. After taking it in and cutting it to how I wanted it, here is the final product

Getting ready to go out! (and yes, we're weird)

Total cost: $1.50


  1. Zinkl looks sooo pretty here!

  2. Wow big change! woot woo!

  3. ...well now this is fun! I too have been following anewdressaday's blog...and loved it. I will follow you now to see all the lovely things you create! Great job with this blue one.
    I wish i could find thrifted stuff that cheap.

  4. You won the GAP giftcard giveaway on my blog but the email address you wrote is not working!!! Please contact me at so I can get this in the mail to you!!!

  5. again.. soo cute! how did you do the ruffles? they look great!