Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lady In Red

Another Liz Clairborne:

Scary, scary, scary. Shoulder pads (that were actually velcro-ed in) floor length, and a weird waist cinching. Since Christmas is coming up, and I have a dance on Saturday, I thought I'd go more formal with this one! I had a vintage rhinestone button that I knew would make a cute center for a flower:

The front of the dress had a few small holes down the front of it so I made a bunch of flowers with centers of either pearls or rhinestones:

After taking the sleeves off and making a ton of other alterations, here is the final product:

The black band was used to cover up the weird waist cinching from the original dress. I thought it would look cute with a bow in the back too, to make it more festive:

But I can't decide if it should have the extra hanging down:

Thoughts? Let me know what you guys think looks better!

Total cost: $0.25


  1. No extra... I like it better without.

  2. I like it better with no extra, as well. The dress is kind of flowy on its own, so I think the added bow should be contrasting and, thus, not so flowy.

    Lovely job, Miss Critzas! Score for you.

  3. Very good for the holidays....definitely without the extra. A marvelous transformation!

  4. how do you make the flowers?? they are so cute!